The benefit of visiting our Hygienist for a scale and polish is the deep comprehensive clean for both teeth and gums that brushing alone cannot achieve. Inclusive of this treatment we remove extrinsic staining and build up of tartar, restoring the the natural colour of the teeth.

How often you visit will be down to your individual needs. If you have a healthy mouth you will be recommended just twice yearly visits.

Introducing Airflow

A revolution in dental cleaning, Airflow at Waterside Dental Health is now available for our all our patients to benefit from. It’s pain free delivery truly enhances the hygiene experience but the real benefit lies in it’s ability to remove deeper staining and harmful bacteria in the biofilm that sticks to the tooth surface.

Please enquire should you wish to experience this minimally invasive procedure with our skilled hygienists....those that try rarely choose anything else thereafter

Important Information

It is company policy that we require payment in advance to secure our hygienist appointments.

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