We accept that there are times when even the most welcoming clinic will not be enough to reassure those clients who have fears of undertaking dental treatment. We have a number of effective options available to assist even the most nervous of client, depending on your individual requirement.

MyVu™ Personal Media Viewers

Clients can request MyVu™ Personal Media Viewers should they require. Personal media viewers are an excellent distraction for nervous patients, or patients undertaking longer treatments. Personal viewers are compatible with your own iPod™ or alternatively we can provide you with ours for duration of appointment. All patients are welcome to bring their own MP3 players to listen to during treatment.

IV Sedation

In the case where a patient is very nervous we offer Intravenous Sedation from fully qualified practitioner Dr Laleh Sharifian. Dr Sharifian has a special interest in IV Sedation and treating nervous patients, ensuring patients are in the best hands possible. For guide to pricing please see our fees section.

Important Information

IV sedation is subject to criteria and a prior consultation will be required to determine suitability and any possible contraindications. Recovery is usually pleasant; however as with all IV Sedation there are strict guidelines that you will be talked through regarding pre and post care.

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